Tractor trailer & walking Orchard Tours
Next to the Fine Fruit shop
Join a guided tractor trailer or walking tour of the orchards and discover more about our living museum of fruit trees. Knowledgeable Brogdale  
Collections guides will lead tours where you can sample the fruit so sign up for a free guided tour early as they are popular.
It’s what we are all about after all! So make sure you take time to have a peek at our beautiful orchards, see where the apples start their life and find out all about the history of our impressive collection!

Book your tractor trailer tour early, they fill up fast!

Dogs are not allowed into the orchards

A full program of talks on horticulture, gardening, keeping chickens and more runing across the whole weekend. Further talks & times coming soon!

Fruit tree pruning
Times TBC

Pests & diseases
Times TBC

Chicken keeping
Times TBC