The Apple Display
The largest ever display of apples with an incredible ONE THOUSAND varieties are set to create an outstanding display for harvest at the Brogdale National Apple Festival. Taste and buy rare and unusual varieties and find apples lost to history with fascinating stories and associations.

Apple Tasting
Taste a whole range of different flavours and choose your favourite, from sweet to sour, fluffy to crisp, there is something for everyone!

Apple Pies
Locally made and using Brogdale's own apples delicious Kentish Apple Pies will be for sale so don’t forget to grab one!


Take Your Favourites Home
Purchase an array of seasonal fruit straight from the National Fruit Collection! Take home, cook with and enjoy.

Meet the Experts
Advice and knowledge will be available over the whole weekend in our ‘Meet the Experts’ area, so come with questions and you will be sure to find answers! There will also be a good selection of named apples for you to look at.

Fruit ID
Jim Arbury, RHS Fruit and Trials Specialist will be at the National Apple Festival for fruit identification. Bring along your apple to get it identified (one variety per person).

Fruit ID is offered for free at the Apple Festival by our experts.

Varieties are limited to one per person due to the large amount of Fruit ID requests on the day. Any extra varieties can be paid for on the day and processed as usual. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE FRUIT ID PROCESS...